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still excited about the writing life!

Gosh it’s been a long time since I last posted.

But today I’m excited about the writing life and thought I would just pop something in here – to keep you in the loop.

Yesterday, not so much. That’s the way the writing life goes. Even thought I was gonna ditch the damn thing!

But then I paged through this book my mother and her sister had edited which was published in Basel in 2010, in the series Lives, Legacies and Legends, at the Basler Afrika Bibliographien and I found a new perspective. A new angle.

I met with one of the archivists of the institute last week and we chatted about our common interests: research, libraries, history, Namibia, cultures, families, memoir. It was so lovely. I had last met him at the launch of the book in Windhoek in 2010.

The three prints/sketches featured below used to hang in my grandfather’s chambers in Windhoek in the 60’s, the work of Paul Sackmann and been in my mum’s study for years now. With her move last year, they seemed to have needed a new home and so I handed them over to him last week and just heard that they arrived safely with him in Basel to add to the wonderful collection assimilated there.

My memoir has nothing to do with this really but it all hangs together I think:

who we are comes from those before.


Just wanted to share this here. I do this when I feel excited about something. Like we all do I suppose.

PS. Also, I bumped into a mum I knew from our kids pre primary school who were with my two older children all the way to matric. We shared our ‘doings’ and the next day she sent me this last pic. She had mentioned our meeting to her daughter and the next day her daughter arrived home with all my books! How amazing was that! 😁🙃

Okay, ’til sooner I hope!

2 thoughts on “still excited about the writing life!”

    1. Thanks for your comment here Tanish. I’m always intrigued as to how people find random blog posts! I find them mainly pointless but glad you found it!
      But that’s the hard part of writing isn’t it? Wondering about the impressions of those you know who may actually read it! Looking through your blog now with new interest having just returned from first trip to India. xx

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