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A love letter to my children, 13 June 2021

I started this blog at the beginning of this week. Two days before I turned 55. I was feeling emotional about things. A distinct sense of melancholy and the constant weighing up of where I was in my life. But when I came to re-read it, it was so lame! I cringed at the words.… Continue reading A love letter to my children, 13 June 2021

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Time passes. The sun will continue to rise.

It’s long overdue, this blog. Long overdue. At the very latest, I’d resolved to post this on the 27th July, exactly two months after my last on 27th May. But it’s past midnight now. Today is 28th. (Oops I see now that my last one was on 29th. This date confusion can happen in a… Continue reading Time passes. The sun will continue to rise.

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ReFlective Friday. At 8 weeks.

Today marks the 8th Friday of Lockdown. Exactly 8 weeks ago, South Africans were told to stay home. 56 days ago. I wish I didn’t have to mention the word lockdown. It’s a little tired term. I’m kind of over this term with its connotations of curtailment of freedom and all. For an unknown quantum… Continue reading ReFlective Friday. At 8 weeks.

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Lockdown Weekend Diary

Saturday 25th April 7ish. I sit watching the sun, on my deck, my laptop where it was intended. On my lap. ‘Oh woe is me’ are the words reverberating in my slightly throbbing head. My Latin teacher, Miss Brogan. Bless her. It was what she said if I didn’t understand what was going on in… Continue reading Lockdown Weekend Diary

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Lockdown Diaries Number Something

Wednesday 22 April 2020 Day Something, don't care. As I sit here this morning, far later than usual and little tired, but with a new and exciting agenda, I have only one thing to say. I really wasn’t going to write today but it’s become a compulsion here for me this spilling onto the page… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number Something

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Lockdown Diaries

So much for the blog. For carpe diem-ing. You know what that does? It throws your routine, your discipline. All that stuff that keeps you going in lockdown. The routine run and all. After Friday’s blog, and requests for Netflix recommendations, and who knows what else since it all merges into a blur (unless you… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries

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Book Review: The Trouble with my Aunt, Hedi Lampert

Confession: I finish fewer books than I intend because there are dozens I’m desperate to getthrough. Often I'm reading three or four at the same time. Some, sadly, don’t get finished but I’ve always felt that books are really about timing. Apart from hooking you on page one, or loving the clever, colourful characters so… Continue reading Book Review: The Trouble with my Aunt, Hedi Lampert

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On agitation and achievement: 3 solutions

At the beginning of this, the tenth month of 2017 I remember feeling somewhat agitated but couldn’t quite place it. Then I had coffee with a friend and she suggested it was that ‘winding down’ feeling of the year when it’s galloping towards a close and you need to evaluate how it went. And maybe you feel… Continue reading On agitation and achievement: 3 solutions

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Let’s start a new conversation…

It seems to me that the last month has consisted of at least five all in one. With the sense of a rolling snowball on it’s descent, the end of year exams loom and then before you know it, it’s farewells and valedictories for junior school for my number three, (only two years left to go… Continue reading Let’s start a new conversation…

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A long, slightly rambling blog. Like the tentacles of an octopus. My October. Children are easily embarrassed by their parents when they get to a particular age. They are from a different generation dealing with different parts of their growing selves in ways they cannot yet fully understand, and we have long forgotten. Truthfully, I… Continue reading EIGHT OCTOBER OBSERVATIONS