About Niki

I never imagined that I would be a mother of four children.

Neither did I think I would be a ”blogger” (it seems such an unattractive word, don’t you think?)

And now here I am: the proud mother of four children. Of course, this didn’t all happen at the same time as you will surely understand but this aspect of my life is certainly my most significant.

Before all this I studied law and practiced law in different forms: in small firms and big firms and in the corporate world. I qualified as an attorney and kept on studying; I have post-graduate qualifications in tax and corporate law and in investment and estate planning. I studied further and became a conveyancer.

And somewhere inbetween, I got married (best thing) and had a few children and started writing and then lecturing law. So, now I work as a law lecturer (with a special interest in ethics) researcher and writer. And I’m a new AUTHOR.  I happen to love artichokes (this is not really relevant is it?) and daydream a lot about where I want to travel to next because truly, truly, it seems such pity not to explore this beautiful world of ours.

What you want to know though, is WHY YOU ARE READING ABOUT ME ON THIS BLOG. So, let me clarify this for you:

  • You found me somewhere on this incredible world of GOOGLE, or FACEBOOK or TWITTER or something and you quite liked what I said or thought and wanted to know more.
  • You hope that you haven’t wasted your time reading this because really there is SO MUCH to do in this life – and I hope you haven’t wasted your time because then we agree on USELESS TIME WASTING so perhaps this is the blog for you.
  • You want to know WHAT I WILL OFFER YOU ON THIS BLOG. (I read this on another blog , that this is MOST important aspect…i.e., you, the reader of blogs, the bloggee)  I’m trying to figure this out too so give me a chance here, will you?

OKAY…I’m thinking. I’m going to blog about:

  • Parenting, motherhood, issues of gender and possibly gender discrimination, maybe a little on marriage, or partnerships or relationships generally
  • Law, in snippets (but not in the strictly academic sense so PLEASE do not construe this in ANY WAY as legal advice) merely because it’s fascinating and interesting and everywhere
  • Travel (maybe.).. or just places that interest me that I think others would like to know about that I have experienced… or not.
  • BOOKS, of course… and the writing process and the world of publishing and all
  • Other contemporary issues that I feel compelled to express an opinion on.

That all good for you? Hope so.


Here’s me and my brood .

4 thoughts on “About Niki”

  1. I met you this weekend at the Franschhoek Literary Festival, looking forward to reading your book soon.

    It was a great honor to get to meet South African authors, other than myself.

    1. Hi Chimnese! How wonderful that you came – I am most grateful thank you! I recall now signing the book & not quite getting your name right – prob a little over- excited at such a wonderful event! It was an honour meeting you and I hope to read one of your books too.

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