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day 8 lockdown logic

Today is Friday 3rd April. DAY 8 of lockdown for South Africans And you know what I feel like today? I feel like blogging. Every day I wake up and have plans for the day. But you know what? I’m feeling gatvol right now. Here I am, typing away as though possessed by a greater… Continue reading day 8 lockdown logic

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Book Review: The Trouble with my Aunt, Hedi Lampert

Confession: I finish fewer books than I intend because there are dozens I’m desperate to getthrough. Often I'm reading three or four at the same time. Some, sadly, don’t get finished but I’ve always felt that books are really about timing. Apart from hooking you on page one, or loving the clever, colourful characters so… Continue reading Book Review: The Trouble with my Aunt, Hedi Lampert

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Not another COVID- 19, but a tale of TEDxCape Town 2020

I was sitting in my car the other day waiting for a child’s sports practice to end, casually checking my notifications on a Facebook feed (where part my life has ended up, daft as it all is out there) when I noticed that someone had tagged me regarding a TedxCape Town pitch. I’d heard about… Continue reading Not another COVID- 19, but a tale of TEDxCape Town 2020

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life in the library…

These pictures were taken exactly a year ago. For the last 2 years more or less, many Tuesdays have been spent trawling through these volumes in search of my story. I'm keeping you guessing because I feel it's better that way. But I also want you to know that I'm still here. And that there's… Continue reading life in the library…

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There’s no doubt about it. I am made up of two distinct, diametrically opposed parts: one part believes I’m invincible, extraordinary, exceptional, and the other that I’m far from it. Way, way off. Not good enough, not doing enough, just not enough. I laughed when a writer friend recently commented on a specific part of… Continue reading BREAKING NEWS!

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if only love were so simple. perhaps it is.

Sometimes the more I think about writing, the harder it is to write. Other times I turn up and it turns up with me. With 'big' new beginnings like this first month of a new decade, this blog should be punchy and perfect but it's already nearly the middle of January so I need to… Continue reading if only love were so simple. perhaps it is.

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On Women Becoming

  As not only the end of another year, but the end of a whole damn decade looms,  I always find myself becoming reflective, pensive and little nostalgic. What has been, what happened, what's next? All those delicious dreams we can recreate. When I say it out loud, though, –2020- I find myself singing the… Continue reading On Women Becoming

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BOOK REVIEWS: Being Kari & Being Lily

Two books I have read recently are Being Kari and Being Lily by Qarnita Loxton. Though I read them in reverse to the order in which they were written, Lily before Kari, it didn’t matter at all as each story can stand alone. Few things I want to say about them here as many thoughts… Continue reading BOOK REVIEWS: Being Kari & Being Lily

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NOT A BOOK REVIEW: we don’t talk about it. ever.

I have just come from a talk by the author of the book, ‘We don’t talk about it ever’. Desiree – Anne Martin. I’ve met her several times in writer’s circles but never heard her speak about her story or read her book. While I still hold some of my feelings in tact, having let… Continue reading NOT A BOOK REVIEW: we don’t talk about it. ever.

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suggestions for my south africa

I wear many hats woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. white, privileged, educated, lawyer, writer mostly, I am woman which hat do I wear when there’s a crisis in the lives of women? I call on my highest self I question what I can do. As a woman first and then as the other. At… Continue reading suggestions for my south africa