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Really love your voice and irreverent wit. Brilliant… love the ending too. Really powerful.

Since launching my book in April and again at the Book Lounge in July 2014, I have obviously had some feedback from those who have read it.

However, as it is not yet on Amazon or Kobo  (what’s this ?) or wherever I am supposed to now put it (though it should be soon, I hope and then PLEASE, would you become a REVIEWER there), so that people in the WHOLE WORLD and more importantly, book buyers on Amazon, can see whether in fact they would like to read my book.

I decided to put up some informal and ANONYMOUS reader’s reviews which I saved here in a different format. PLEASE FEEL FREE to comment on my book (here as a reply), if you have read or heard about it and wish to add something. I would be delighted.

Some comments on From Courtrooms to Cupcakes

I’ve started your book absolutely loving it… well done!

I finished your book early this morning- well done on getting your story down a real accomplishment what a fabulous reference for you family and kids long term well done. PS I too love the word insouciance.

Just finished your book – it was great – so awesome learning things about you I never knew: your honesty and openness is awesome. It made me smile and I had some good laughs.

I just wanted to thank you so much for including me in your wonderful party last night – it was the best book launch ever, and you deserve to do really well with the book! I’ve just started it, but it is riveting! And I am so proud of your book – it is absolutely fabulous in every sense – the cover design, and just everything, works so well!

Beautiful, wonderful book and so glad I got to read it as I generally not a reader. The last book I read was Bridgets and of course, The Secret… Such a beautiful legacy to leave for your children and one day for your children’s children.  Thanks for making me believe anything is possible as long as you dream it , want it, you can make it happen.

I’m LOVING your book! x

It is so well written and I love the honesty…

Finished it on Sunday..couldn’t put down… could hear your children’s voices and reminded me of so many things… holidays, etc..

I finished reading your book last night and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I so related to most of your thoughts and loved your funny, intelligent, forthright writing style. Basically it was a joy to read, because of your courage in laying yourself out on the page, I feel I know you a little more, and your children are indeed privileged to have a mother like you. The way you love them is an inspiration. Well done and please don’t stop writing – I want to read more like this. Lots of love.

Just wanted to thank you… got onto my bed this afternoon and spent the entire time laughing my way through your phenomenal book. I just love all the images you have created… I am not sure that when I see Luke next week looking so smart in his blues blazer with his huge green tennis bag over his shoulder I won’t chuckle at the ‘spatchcock.’ Well done and thanks for it. I am thoroughly enjoying it… it really is a read for everyone

I am halfway through your book and cannot put it down. [then a few days later] … Just finished your delightful book. Well done. It was truly a wonderful read and I felt like I found an old friend as the pages of the book unfolded. Loved every minute of it.

I am just over half way through your book and am enjoying it on so many different levels… I am loving getting to know you and your family even better. I picture your children’s faces when you describe what they have said and done and chuckle with warmth when you relay incidents or things Johan has said or done too… I admire your writing ability, vocabulary and command of the English language… there are so many things that resonate so deeply but others where our experiences have been totally different…

Finished it in 2 days borrowed from Vicki (normally takes 6 months). Loved it and waiting for the next.

… your book was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so special reading a story about a family who I can actually put names to faces and visualise you all as I was going through the story. I hope you have received lots of positive feeback on the book. I can see it was written from heart and soul.

Finished your book while on holiday in Knysna. Awesome!!! Laughed out loud, cried, grimaced and loads more emotions. Thanks for putting down on paper what most of us mothers think and feel.

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