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After years of study and practice as a lawyer, and then becoming  submerged in motherhood, Niki Malherbe started her writing life in earnest in a quest to understand what it all meant to her. What gives meaning, what’s it all about?

Her observations about mothering, which she considers her most worthwhile, most rewarding achievement  came to her through her obsessive documentation of her unique journey of motherhood.

The culmination of her writing was her first non-fiction work entitled ‘From Courtrooms to Cupcakes’, which was released in mid – 2014 and the sequel ‘Somewhere in Between’ published in 2018 which are both  available in selected bookstores around the country and on Amazon.

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Awesome! Laughed out loud, cried, grimaced and loads more emotions. Thanks for putting down on paper what most of us mothers think and feel.

Reader Review

Inspirational story of a high-powered legal mind who had to come to terms with life as a mother… I would recommend that both men and women read this story.

Samm Marshall