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BOOK RELEASE! My new book: Searching for Sarah, the woman who loved Langenhoven.

It's been a crazy time for me. in the last few weeks. I wish I could write more about it all, and I will as I have a thousand little anecdotes floating around in my head- but here's a little snippet of news for my blog. My new book, Searching for Sarah: The Woman who… Continue reading BOOK RELEASE! My new book: Searching for Sarah, the woman who loved Langenhoven.

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BOOK REVIEW: The GOSPEL according to Wanda B. Lazarus- Lynn Joffe

Before I finally met Wanda, I had been aware of her creator (Lynn Joffe) making noises from the side lines. I’d heard the piercing questions at author events, seen her around and about (online) and somehow – unwittingly - got to even read a short sample of what must have been an early Wanda on… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: The GOSPEL according to Wanda B. Lazarus- Lynn Joffe

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Time MARCH(es) ON

MONDAY 1st I concentrated so hard on cutting the butternut on Monday night, watching the serrated but blunt knife slice a little strip off each cut circle. It didn’t help. My eyes started stinging (no, not onion) and my heart felt a distinct unsettling. I’d just waved goodbye to my eldest child, my only son,… Continue reading Time MARCH(es) ON

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Messing about in boats: a short story for our time.

Believe me my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats- The Wind in the Willows Arniston: Around 1995: Recently married, my husband and I hired a little boat (a rubber thingie with a tiny engine, I imagine around 15horse power engine- why… Continue reading Messing about in boats: a short story for our time.

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10 Lessons for Living #LocationFree

I recently read an article on alternative lives, lives unlived or just doing things differently. The crossroads we reach at certain junctions which don’t appear to be anything like a fork in the road until we look back on it many years later and see that it was exactly that. There was a time in… Continue reading 10 Lessons for Living #LocationFree

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Lockdown Weekend Diary

Saturday 25th April 7ish. I sit watching the sun, on my deck, my laptop where it was intended. On my lap. ‘Oh woe is me’ are the words reverberating in my slightly throbbing head. My Latin teacher, Miss Brogan. Bless her. It was what she said if I didn’t understand what was going on in… Continue reading Lockdown Weekend Diary

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Lockdown Diary Number Whatever

It’s Tuesday today! Happy Tuesday everyone! 21 April 2020. Day 25 (or 26?) of Lockdown I think, not sure, but 5am. That I know. Fat lot of good that did, sweeping the ‘ol driveway then yesterday huh? The wind started gusting away yesterday morning, blowing the poor bougainvillea around which is desperately clinging to the… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number Whatever

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Lockdown Diaries Number 14

I got here at 5.am after lying awake for ages.  Checked time on cell next to me and it read 4:44. I've written 1000 words about stuff. So much stuff.  And I had so much more to write. The thoughts have been swirling around my head for hours.  About books I'm reading and the concept… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 14

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Lockdown Diaries Number 11

Wednesday 15th April 06:51 Hi there, morning to you all, I know you’re out there somewhere. I’m sitting here with my cup of tea. It’s not great. Too milky and lukewarm. But the sky is alive. I’m finding it hard to be too upbeat this morning. So I keep popping outside to capture the changing… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 11

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Lockdown Diaries Number 7

Morning to you all, my lovely ones! (This is how Elizabeth Gilbert addresses her readers and one day I think I’m going to be like her. The one who wrote Eat, Pray Love and Big Magic and all? To dream is to live, people!) In truth, I haven’t read Eat Pray Love, but I watched… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 7