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Six faces appeared on screen on Friday to Zoom into one of our writer’s Masterclass sessions with Mike Nicol. Some more would be zooming in on Sunday to discuss their writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction. ‘So, how are you all doing? he starts. ‘Any issues, questions?’ I took the gap and jumped in fairly… Continue reading WHY WRITERS WRITE

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Lockdown Diary Number 4

Hullo World! Are you out there? It’s me! I’m a blogger. I’m sitting here amongst the unputtaway laundry waiting for the kettle to boil. It’s Wednesday. 04:14am. 8th April 2020. I know that ‘cos my laptop had those details there. Ok. I’m back now. Upstairs in my study, with the dancing lights on the horizon… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 4

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Lockdown Diaries

So much for the blog. For carpe diem-ing. You know what that does? It throws your routine, your discipline. All that stuff that keeps you going in lockdown. The routine run and all. After Friday’s blog, and requests for Netflix recommendations, and who knows what else since it all merges into a blur (unless you… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries

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life in the library…

These pictures were taken exactly a year ago. For the last 2 years more or less, many Tuesdays have been spent trawling through these volumes in search of my story. I'm keeping you guessing because I feel it's better that way. But I also want you to know that I'm still here. And that there's… Continue reading life in the library…

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On Women Becoming

  As not only the end of another year, but the end of a whole damn decade looms,  I always find myself becoming reflective, pensive and little nostalgic. What has been, what happened, what's next? All those delicious dreams we can recreate. When I say it out loud, though, –2020- I find myself singing the… Continue reading On Women Becoming

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suggestions for my south africa

I wear many hats woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. white, privileged, educated, lawyer, writer mostly, I am woman which hat do I wear when there’s a crisis in the lives of women? I call on my highest self I question what I can do. As a woman first and then as the other. At… Continue reading suggestions for my south africa

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ducking and diving in Stanford

I told you there’s no such thing as the quiet country life,’ says my husband. ‘You are delusional. ‘You think you’re just gonna hang out there and sit by the river and write books? There’s no such thing. Life is work.’ My husband is usually right. He’s pretty smart. But that’s not one of the… Continue reading ducking and diving in Stanford

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On Kafda, and thoughts of one and other special things.

I’d been reading Kafka on the way up in the car, scanning through ‘The Metamorphosis’ and other short stories, and deciding that I would have to speak to someone about him. I hadn’t read much of it before and felt a bit clueless about what he was trying to say most of the time. I… Continue reading On Kafda, and thoughts of one and other special things.

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What things did you learn in January 2016? 20 things I did.

With one month of 2016 gone already and nearly half of Feb... Yikes! Here are some things I learnt: That writing a book is flippin’ hard. If I thought of using the other F- word for how hard it is, this would be about the right time to use it but I'm not a big… Continue reading What things did you learn in January 2016? 20 things I did.