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the ten best things about writing books

Book I've just finished in the pic is The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Nothing to do with this blog except that it is a beautiful pic I thought and I loved the book. One of last few powerful phrases in it : I AM ALIVE

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Six faces appeared on screen on Friday to Zoom into one of our writer’s Masterclass sessions with Mike Nicol. Some more would be zooming in on Sunday to discuss their writing projects, both fiction and non-fiction. ‘So, how are you all doing? he starts. ‘Any issues, questions?’ I took the gap and jumped in fairly… Continue reading WHY WRITERS WRITE

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On Women Becoming

  As not only the end of another year, but the end of a whole damn decade looms,  I always find myself becoming reflective, pensive and little nostalgic. What has been, what happened, what's next? All those delicious dreams we can recreate. When I say it out loud, though, –2020- I find myself singing the… Continue reading On Women Becoming

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how to let go and why to hold on…

Writers are tricksters. We are taught that the headline or the first line must hook the reader. If the reader doesn’t care about your first words, you’re history. Kaput. No-one cares what you have to say next. You’ve only got about 15 seconds to catch your reader. I get this though don’t always adhere to… Continue reading how to let go and why to hold on…