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the ten best things about writing books

Book I've just finished in the pic is The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Nothing to do with this blog except that it is a beautiful pic I thought and I loved the book. One of last few powerful phrases in it : I AM ALIVE

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How to BEGIN again in SPRING.

I’m really pleased that Women’s Month is over. In over five years of my monthly blog- starting in January 2014- I’ve barely missed a single month. But this year, I missed my June, July and August blogs. Every time I thought about it or wanted to write something, it felt pointless, useless, a waste of… Continue reading How to BEGIN again in SPRING.

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words about women on women’s day

The purpose of this piece is to reflect a little on the results of a survey I did recently on women and work: the family/work/life balance. The reason I embarked upon this – my very first experience of a Monkey Survey- was to understand and perhaps ‘test’ to an extent, the issues which are discussed… Continue reading words about women on women’s day

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your one wild and precious life

BEAR WITH ME ON THIS ONE. IT'S LONGER than usual but IMPORTANT but as usual, UNEDITED. We are living in strange and uncertain times. Isn’t it always so? We make history in some way or another every single day in relative terms which will impact someone, somewhere in a future which, today, cannot be known,… Continue reading your one wild and precious life