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On rain and recycling and essentials

Morning All, Tea. The first thought I had when my face was still squashed against the pillow, my arms bent at the elbow so that each hand rests warmly in between pillow and sheet. Useless bloody pillows my second thought. Flat and shapeless and worn and old. Need to get more. Hate shopping. Nice cup… Continue reading On rain and recycling and essentials

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Are all teachers, real teachers?

So where’s the media tonight? Was my overriding thought at Tuesday’s farewell for Di Berry, retiring headmistress at Rustenburg Girls Junior. Why aren’t they here? Why don’t they come and listen and report objectively, see for themselves, take the time to understand stories- whole stories, not single stories- of those who selflessly devote themselves to… Continue reading Are all teachers, real teachers?

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We need more primary school teachers like Alex…

Last night I sat amongst my hubby’s business colleagues and their wives at a dinner for the directors and executive directors – not a frequent occurrence and generally one which is not highly anticipated purely because I don’t see them often enough and imagine a likely stilted and affected conversation, though in this I was… Continue reading We need more primary school teachers like Alex…