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Snippets of June and my Fifty Balloons

…so, as it happened, when I stood up to start my awaited celebratory speech to the people who were seated beneath those 50 balloons, I knew that, this time,  winging it was probably not going to be the best choice but I tried it all the same. I tend to do that kind of thing sometimes. And… Continue reading Snippets of June and my Fifty Balloons

From Courtrooms To Cupcakes, Other Stuff

Did you catch my interview on Morning Live?

Scroll down the playlist to Niki Malherbe on her book Lawyer and author Niki Malherbe says her memoir gives a real life account of a high-powered legal mind who has had to deal with her life changing. The book titled From court rooms to cupcakes is an inspirational story that shares insights on working… Continue reading Did you catch my interview on Morning Live?

From Courtrooms To Cupcakes

So, what’s the book like?

It’s exactly one month after the book was launched and I now have enough comments on it that make it worthwhile to share some of these - especially for those of you who have yet to read it. Just the weekend before this though, Lauren Beukes, as one of a panel of fabulous speakers at… Continue reading So, what’s the book like?


What’s in a name…and password?

I'm not sure that I was born in the into the right decade. "Right" in terms of appropriateness and suitability based on my capacity to adapt to technological change. I really do believe that had I been born some time before this completely technologically driven world, I would be a much happier person in my day-to-day dealings… Continue reading What’s in a name…and password?