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Can we say Virginia Woolf was vain?

I’ve just come out of a steaming hot shower. The glass doors in my bedroom are still steaming and misted over, so you know how keen I was to get to my laptop to get this one out. As I’m soaping and re- soaping, having gone down my right shin at least three times (do… Continue reading Can we say Virginia Woolf was vain?

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Writing Realities

Writing Realities. With all the time spent on reading about writing, social networking like twitter, FB etc around the business of writing, and then the writing itself, I think I can honestly say that I have opened the Reader tab on WordPress fewer times than the sum of my fingers on both hands! Forgive me, dear… Continue reading Writing Realities

From Courtrooms To Cupcakes

My route to self-publishing

Since I am about to launch my book, and the first question I am asked is who the publisher is, I feel compelled to explain why I have finally gone the self-publishing route. I submitted my edited and completed manuscript to eight of the top and supposedly main publishers in South Africa, with the required… Continue reading My route to self-publishing