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Time MARCH(es) ON

MONDAY 1st I concentrated so hard on cutting the butternut on Monday night, watching the serrated but blunt knife slice a little strip off each cut circle. It didn’t help. My eyes started stinging (no, not onion) and my heart felt a distinct unsettling. I’d just waved goodbye to my eldest child, my only son,… Continue reading Time MARCH(es) ON

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how to (or not) launch your new book!

You know the feeling when you have prepared an exciting, celebratory event and when the event arrives and it’s time to shine, you want to crawl under the covers and not answer the doorbell? Yip, that was me on Tuesday past at about 5:45pm. The rain had just started bucketing down, I stank of smoke… Continue reading how to (or not) launch your new book!

On Books, Other Stuff

a week to new book launch

Here‘s a teeny peek of what to expect: some of the books that inspired the thoughts I had to write and the some of the thoughts I wrote. On mothers: … It was the image of a woman that she represented to me: a woman so passionate about her task; a woman so energised and… Continue reading a week to new book launch