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Lockdown Diary Number Whatever

It’s Tuesday today! Happy Tuesday everyone! 21 April 2020. Day 25 (or 26?) of Lockdown I think, not sure, but 5am. That I know. Fat lot of good that did, sweeping the ‘ol driveway then yesterday huh? The wind started gusting away yesterday morning, blowing the poor bougainvillea around which is desperately clinging to the… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number Whatever

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Lockdown Diary Number 15

Hullo World, Morning to you all! Are you ready to start another week? Do you feel like you’ve had a little weekend break or does every day feel the same in lockdown for you? I’ll tell you one thing: I’m not sure I can continue with these little lockdown diaries for that much longer. I… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 15

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Lockdown Diaries Number 14

I got here at after lying awake for ages.  Checked time on cell next to me and it read 4:44. I've written 1000 words about stuff. So much stuff.  And I had so much more to write. The thoughts have been swirling around my head for hours.  About books I'm reading and the concept… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 14

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Lockdown Diary Number 12

Wednesday night 22:49pm Still Wednesday 15th April 2020 Day 20 of Lockdown South Africa It's been a long day. Morning: Dropped the bags of sandwiches and some other stuff at Spar. Took one dog with me in old bakkie. Shame, she thought she was going for a walk, so I opened the back window and… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 12

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Lockdown Diaries Number 11

Wednesday 15th April 06:51 Hi there, morning to you all, I know you’re out there somewhere. I’m sitting here with my cup of tea. It’s not great. Too milky and lukewarm. But the sky is alive. I’m finding it hard to be too upbeat this morning. So I keep popping outside to capture the changing… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 11

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Lockdown Diary Number 10

Morning Morning! Tuesday April 14, 2020 How did you sleep? Well? I hope so. You need to rest your mind, rest your body, ‘re-boot yourself for another day of same’ as my friend remarked on her FB page yesterday. The way her son had expressed himself the night before. 7.14am. I’m on my outside deck… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 10

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Lockdown Diary Number 9

Morning Lovely Lockdowners! Ha, Fooled you! Thought you would be ‘my Noodles’ forever didn’t you? Nothing certain in life, guys. Nothing. Except dying. Sorry to put it so bluntly so early in the morning. But here's a pic that says it better than I can. And a different format for today: Lockdown reflections: Easter Monday,… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 9

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Lockdown Diary Number 8

Morning Noodles! I truly hope your Easter was memorable in some way other than only defined by Corona chaos. I had a break from my lockdown diary after my BUMPER edition on Saturday – did you even notice? Did you care? Bet you were too busy hiding Easter Eggs! Anyway, two blogs within 3 hours… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 8

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Lockdown Diaries Number 7.1! (bumper weekend edition)

Morning Noodles, (Maybe Elizabeth will get mad if she sees I’m also calling you 'Lovely Ones'. I think from hereon, it’s going to be Noodles. It doesn’t mean anything sinister. It’s just like a term of endearment) It’s like when the kiddies were little – and even today if I think about it- if I’m… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 7.1! (bumper weekend edition)

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Lockdown Diaries Number 7

Morning to you all, my lovely ones! (This is how Elizabeth Gilbert addresses her readers and one day I think I’m going to be like her. The one who wrote Eat, Pray Love and Big Magic and all? To dream is to live, people!) In truth, I haven’t read Eat Pray Love, but I watched… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 7