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Lockdown Weekend Diary

Saturday 25th April 7ish. I sit watching the sun, on my deck, my laptop where it was intended. On my lap. ‘Oh woe is me’ are the words reverberating in my slightly throbbing head. My Latin teacher, Miss Brogan. Bless her. It was what she said if I didn’t understand what was going on in… Continue reading Lockdown Weekend Diary

On Law

Oscar and Me: Are we both liars?

So call me a liar for saying that I only had one comment on Oscar because I clearly have more. I cannot tell you why because really, it all seems like such a waste of time gabbling on about him because after all, nothing I say is going to affect the appeal and  who cares what I have to… Continue reading Oscar and Me: Are we both liars?

From Courtrooms To Cupcakes

So, what’s the book like?

It’s exactly one month after the book was launched and I now have enough comments on it that make it worthwhile to share some of these - especially for those of you who have yet to read it. Just the weekend before this though, Lauren Beukes, as one of a panel of fabulous speakers at… Continue reading So, what’s the book like?