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Time passes. The sun will continue to rise.

It’s long overdue, this blog. Long overdue. At the very latest, I’d resolved to post this on the 27th July, exactly two months after my last on 27th May. But it’s past midnight now. Today is 28th. (Oops I see now that my last one was on 29th. This date confusion can happen in a… Continue reading Time passes. The sun will continue to rise.

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On rain and recycling and essentials

Morning All, Tea. The first thought I had when my face was still squashed against the pillow, my arms bent at the elbow so that each hand rests warmly in between pillow and sheet. Useless bloody pillows my second thought. Flat and shapeless and worn and old. Need to get more. Hate shopping. Nice cup… Continue reading On rain and recycling and essentials

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ReFlective Friday. At 8 weeks.

Today marks the 8th Friday of Lockdown. Exactly 8 weeks ago, South Africans were told to stay home. 56 days ago. I wish I didn’t have to mention the word lockdown. It’s a little tired term. I’m kind of over this term with its connotations of curtailment of freedom and all. For an unknown quantum… Continue reading ReFlective Friday. At 8 weeks.

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A day. To appreciate.

Hullo my Noodles, It’s been a while I know. I’m sorry about that. Especially to all you new blog followers that I seemed to have collected just as I started to take a break from my daily blog. It seems a bit much though, a daily blog. But I did intend a weekly thing or… Continue reading A day. To appreciate.

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Hi Puddings! Well, it’s now 6.31am now and I’ve been standing outside a little already and it’s pretty dark down there. Not sure I’m gonna be running on the road tomorrow, tripping on roots and things. No streetlights here. Yes, I know I can get one of those headlamp things, but I’d prefer to wait… Continue reading LOCKDOWN DAY 35 for SOUTH AFRICA

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Lockdown Diaries Number 7

Morning to you all, my lovely ones! (This is how Elizabeth Gilbert addresses her readers and one day I think I’m going to be like her. The one who wrote Eat, Pray Love and Big Magic and all? To dream is to live, people!) In truth, I haven’t read Eat Pray Love, but I watched… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 7

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Lockdown Diary Number 5

Morning Morning! Looks like it’s going to be another fabulous day in Cape Town! The birds are already chirping and the sky is turning that kind of bluish …what would you call it… purpleish? colour just before the sun peeks above the horizon. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be here this morning. But… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 5

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life in the library…

These pictures were taken exactly a year ago. For the last 2 years more or less, many Tuesdays have been spent trawling through these volumes in search of my story. I'm keeping you guessing because I feel it's better that way. But I also want you to know that I'm still here. And that there's… Continue reading life in the library…

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BOOK REVIEWS: Being Kari & Being Lily

Two books I have read recently are Being Kari and Being Lily by Qarnita Loxton. Though I read them in reverse to the order in which they were written, Lily before Kari, it didn’t matter at all as each story can stand alone. Few things I want to say about them here as many thoughts… Continue reading BOOK REVIEWS: Being Kari & Being Lily