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Lockdown Diary Number 9

Morning Lovely Lockdowners! Ha, Fooled you! Thought you would be ‘my Noodles’ forever didn’t you? Nothing certain in life, guys. Nothing. Except dying. Sorry to put it so bluntly so early in the morning. But here's a pic that says it better than I can. And a different format for today: Lockdown reflections: Easter Monday,… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 9

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ducking and diving in Stanford

I told you there’s no such thing as the quiet country life,’ says my husband. ‘You are delusional. ‘You think you’re just gonna hang out there and sit by the river and write books? There’s no such thing. Life is work.’ My husband is usually right. He’s pretty smart. But that’s not one of the… Continue reading ducking and diving in Stanford

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why women become lovelier the older they get

As part of my research on women and feminism for my new book, I came across several articles - most notably those in the UK Telegraph and The New York Times on the topic of Why Women Compete with each other. In brief, the obvious starting point is evolution and the process of ‘natural selection’ which I… Continue reading why women become lovelier the older they get

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your one wild and precious life

BEAR WITH ME ON THIS ONE. IT'S LONGER than usual but IMPORTANT but as usual, UNEDITED. We are living in strange and uncertain times. Isn’t it always so? We make history in some way or another every single day in relative terms which will impact someone, somewhere in a future which, today, cannot be known,… Continue reading your one wild and precious life

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A long, slightly rambling blog. Like the tentacles of an octopus. My October. Children are easily embarrassed by their parents when they get to a particular age. They are from a different generation dealing with different parts of their growing selves in ways they cannot yet fully understand, and we have long forgotten. Truthfully, I… Continue reading EIGHT OCTOBER OBSERVATIONS

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How do you feel about your mother in law?

My husband has a particularly unique and unyielding life challenge: he has a mother- in- law who is successful and self-righteous and seriously independent (and who happens to be a former High Court judge, the first woman to have been appointed in Johannesburg) and a wife who is self-righteous, stresses about the meaning of success… Continue reading How do you feel about your mother in law?