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I’ve been bothered by something since last week. Actually, I’ve been a little bothered for some time now. Being a writer who makes sense of the world by grouping words on a page means that I have to do this thing – even if it’s hard and I would rather be swimming in cold water… Continue reading still SEARCHING FOR SARAH’s son

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Lockdown Weekend Diary

Saturday 25th April 7ish. I sit watching the sun, on my deck, my laptop where it was intended. On my lap. ‘Oh woe is me’ are the words reverberating in my slightly throbbing head. My Latin teacher, Miss Brogan. Bless her. It was what she said if I didn’t understand what was going on in… Continue reading Lockdown Weekend Diary

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On writing a book. Or just becoming an Author.

So, you want to write a book? Super. Go for it. Bum in chair and write. Until you are finished. If you are dead keen, you will . Otherwise, you probably won't. But now you need readers?  (Not necessarily 'cos of course  you could just stuff it under the bed and forget about it though it… Continue reading On writing a book. Or just becoming an Author.