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Lockdown Diary on a Wednesday

You know, I started off so well today, just the dawn and I. And then I messed it up. Now I’m so bedondered and wish I could take it back but I can’t. So I’m gonna rant away here. It makes me feel better I know. But let this blog be a BIG lesson to… Continue reading Lockdown Diary on a Wednesday

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Lockdown Diaries Number 7.1! (bumper weekend edition)

Morning Noodles, (Maybe Elizabeth will get mad if she sees I’m also calling you 'Lovely Ones'. I think from hereon, it’s going to be Noodles. It doesn’t mean anything sinister. It’s just like a term of endearment) It’s like when the kiddies were little – and even today if I think about it- if I’m… Continue reading Lockdown Diaries Number 7.1! (bumper weekend edition)