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Are all teachers, real teachers?

So where’s the media tonight? Was my overriding thought at Tuesday’s farewell for Di Berry, retiring headmistress at Rustenburg Girls Junior. Why aren’t they here? Why don’t they come and listen and report objectively, see for themselves, take the time to understand stories- whole stories, not single stories- of those who selflessly devote themselves to… Continue reading Are all teachers, real teachers?

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your one wild and precious life

BEAR WITH ME ON THIS ONE. IT'S LONGER than usual but IMPORTANT but as usual, UNEDITED. We are living in strange and uncertain times. Isn’t it always so? We make history in some way or another every single day in relative terms which will impact someone, somewhere in a future which, today, cannot be known,… Continue reading your one wild and precious life

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A long, slightly rambling blog. Like the tentacles of an octopus. My October. Children are easily embarrassed by their parents when they get to a particular age. They are from a different generation dealing with different parts of their growing selves in ways they cannot yet fully understand, and we have long forgotten. Truthfully, I… Continue reading EIGHT OCTOBER OBSERVATIONS