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ReFlective Friday. At 8 weeks.

Today marks the 8th Friday of Lockdown. Exactly 8 weeks ago, South Africans were told to stay home. 56 days ago. I wish I didn’t have to mention the word lockdown. It’s a little tired term. I’m kind of over this term with its connotations of curtailment of freedom and all. For an unknown quantum… Continue reading ReFlective Friday. At 8 weeks.

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Lockdown Diary Number 6

Morning Cape Town, and the World! How marvellous that I can communicate with you here and don’t even know who half of you are? So, how’s your domestic routine going? Like your washing and ironing and cleaning? I want to talk about that today if that's okay. Do you recall earlier somewhere in my Lockdown… Continue reading Lockdown Diary Number 6