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day 8 lockdown logic

Today is Friday 3rd April. DAY 8 of lockdown for South Africans And you know what I feel like today? I feel like blogging. Every day I wake up and have plans for the day. But you know what? I’m feeling gatvol right now. Here I am, typing away as though possessed by a greater… Continue reading day 8 lockdown logic

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How to BEGIN again in SPRING.

I’m really pleased that Women’s Month is over. In over five years of my monthly blog- starting in January 2014- I’ve barely missed a single month. But this year, I missed my June, July and August blogs. Every time I thought about it or wanted to write something, it felt pointless, useless, a waste of… Continue reading How to BEGIN again in SPRING.

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how to let go and why to hold on…

Writers are tricksters. We are taught that the headline or the first line must hook the reader. If the reader doesn’t care about your first words, you’re history. Kaput. No-one cares what you have to say next. You’ve only got about 15 seconds to catch your reader. I get this though don’t always adhere to… Continue reading how to let go and why to hold on…

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BOOK OR BLOG: what’s it to be?

Book or Blog: What’s it to be? To write or to ski? Are you kidding? That’s not much of choice- at least not for me. It’s 4.05am. I’ve been awake since 2am. There are people who live out their lives at these sorts of crazy times. Shift workers, nurses and doctors, the early morning radio… Continue reading BOOK OR BLOG: what’s it to be?

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I’ve blogged fairly extensively about my preoccupation with social media and the unequalled ambivalence it creates in my mind that literally drives me demented. Because it saps my energy and quite frankly, makes me sad. And then I see the latest cover of The BIG ISSUE with the headline: WHY SOCIAL MEDIA MAKES YOU SAD.… Continue reading GOING OFFLINE FOR A TIME

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“Always be connecting” is my new motto but apologies if I don’t!

In last month's blog  I reviewed Joanne Fedler's new book Love in the Time of Contempt  which will be launched at the BOOK LOUNGE, my favourite bookshop in Cape Town, on 17 March.  I cannot wait to have  the real book in my hands, you know, the one that smells and feels like the real thing that you can flip backwards… Continue reading “Always be connecting” is my new motto but apologies if I don’t!

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On writing a book. Or just becoming an Author.

So, you want to write a book? Super. Go for it. Bum in chair and write. Until you are finished. If you are dead keen, you will . Otherwise, you probably won't. But now you need readers?  (Not necessarily 'cos of course  you could just stuff it under the bed and forget about it though it… Continue reading On writing a book. Or just becoming an Author.

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Oscar and Me: Are we both liars?

So call me a liar for saying that I only had one comment on Oscar because I clearly have more. I cannot tell you why because really, it all seems like such a waste of time gabbling on about him because after all, nothing I say is going to affect the appeal and  who cares what I have to… Continue reading Oscar and Me: Are we both liars?