A brief introduction


Niki Malherbe has only recently come to terms with the fact that her most rewarding, most worthwhile job in the world is that of a mother. After years of study and practice as a lawyer, this realization came to her through her obsessive documentation of her unique journey of motherhood.

The culmination of her writing is her first non-fiction work entitled ‘From Courtrooms to Cupcakes’, which was released in mid – 2014 and is now available in selected bookstores around the country and on AMAZON.

This website shares her thoughts and observations on aspects of motherhood, parenting and the working world and all the stuff in between. Fun stuff but sometimes serious stuff too. About issues of law and the world of books.

The intention is to generate smiles and initiate thoughts that resonate with mothers the world over who experience the diverse range of emotions that are so intrinsically tied to this function of being a mother. And of course, anyone else who is interested in these issues.

She lives in Cape Town with her hubby and four children.
Read the first introductory paragraphs of her story in the book’s tag.

6 thoughts on “A brief introduction”

  1. Hi…am also a mum with four kids..its not often do we find and hear of mums with 4 so I was keen on reading your story..i note the elder ones do mature faster eg luke keeping baby entertained while he was dressing for school..i am from Durban but presently in india trying to conquer lupus..i formed a support group in Durban with almost 300 now struggling…you mentioned the photo albums , why didn’t you show us some in the book ? Lovely read…will chat again…take care…nirupa..

    1. Hi Nirupa
      Thanks for your comments and your read! Strangely enough I have found a handful of close friends at our schools each with 4 children so we have always compared notes which was fun! I deliberately tried not to do a traditional memoir with fam pics (apart from back cover) but perhaps with next!
      Good luck with your recovery and please do pop by again sometime!

  2. Hi. I have four grown children –3 girls and a boy–and my son recently disowned me and his sisters. Part of it is the re-emergence of sibling rivalry. Then too my youngest had Down Syndrome and got lots of the attention. I can’t even communicate with my son or clarify a mis-communication. So–I have 3 children and a son who has disowned me. I don’t know what they told my 2 grandchildren (their children). I have to let it go. No court fights over visiting rights. Not a way I want to go. I especially hate that he has also cut off my Down Syndrome daughter who keeps asking for him. Sorry I’m complaining. I just want t agree with you how important childrearing is.

  3. Heaven Nan…that sounds very sad! I hope that this miscommunication can be resolved …soon! I’m pleased that you feel childrearing is important but similarly concerned with about how/ your dedicated parenting has resulted in such sadness. Every family has it’s own unique story doesn’t it ?

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