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On Women Becoming

  As not only the end of another year, but the end of a whole damn decade looms,  I always find myself becoming reflective, pensive and little nostalgic. What has been, what happened, what's next? All those delicious dreams we can recreate. When I say it out loud, though, –2020- I find myself singing the… Continue reading On Women Becoming

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suggestions for my south africa

I wear many hats woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend. white, privileged, educated, lawyer, writer mostly, I am woman which hat do I wear when there’s a crisis in the lives of women? I call on my highest self I question what I can do. As a woman first and then as the other. At… Continue reading suggestions for my south africa

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How to BEGIN again in SPRING.

I’m really pleased that Women’s Month is over. In over five years of my monthly blog- starting in January 2014- I’ve barely missed a single month. But this year, I missed my June, July and August blogs. Every time I thought about it or wanted to write something, it felt pointless, useless, a waste of… Continue reading How to BEGIN again in SPRING.

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Real queens fix each other’s crowns

What a terrific quote! It was (one of) my favourite sayings of dynamic business woman Phillipa Geard, CEO, founder and inspiration behind the multi award- winning company RecruitMyMom. Phillipa was talking at the request of Sue Cowen of Clear Coaching, a dynamo in her own right who is passionate about the work she does as… Continue reading Real queens fix each other’s crowns

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words about women on women’s day

The purpose of this piece is to reflect a little on the results of a survey I did recently on women and work: the family/work/life balance. The reason I embarked upon this – my very first experience of a Monkey Survey- was to understand and perhaps ‘test’ to an extent, the issues which are discussed… Continue reading words about women on women’s day

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THE OSCAR OUTCOME and MADIBA’s MASIPA: my last word on this

This is a difficult piece to write- thank goodness it’s the last one- but it’s important for me to conclude on this since it Oscar has permeated my writing in the last three years and appears in my book which I am just starting to send out into the world. Its working title is Somewhere… Continue reading THE OSCAR OUTCOME and MADIBA’s MASIPA: my last word on this

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if I had the chance…

If only I had the chance… I would want to stand up in front of the appeal judges, all five of you, You who have worked hard and (some probably through prejudice) but most definitely persistence, earned your place as judges at the appeal court in our fractured land, In our land which cries every single… Continue reading if I had the chance…

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why women become lovelier the older they get

As part of my research on women and feminism for my new book, I came across several articles - most notably those in the UK Telegraph and The New York Times on the topic of Why Women Compete with each other. In brief, the obvious starting point is evolution and the process of ‘natural selection’ which I… Continue reading why women become lovelier the older they get

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what makes us ‘difficult’ women?

The quiet little village of Stanford lies just outside Hermanus in the valley of the undulating Overberg. A river runs through it. It doesn’t even need Brad Pitt though of course he would be most welcome. No, that it a euphemism. I would probably collapse in an unsightly heap if he ever pitched up on… Continue reading what makes us ‘difficult’ women?

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Let’s start a new conversation…

It seems to me that the last month has consisted of at least five all in one. With the sense of a rolling snowball on it’s descent, the end of year exams loom and then before you know it, it’s farewells and valedictories for junior school for my number three, (only two years left to go… Continue reading Let’s start a new conversation…