On Books

GBAS Book Cover Design Awards 2021

The Good Book Appreciation Society (GBAS), one of the best Facebook community groups has launched a BOOK COVER AWARD in the categories fiction and non- fiction.

I was so delighted to see the final cover of SEARCHING FOR SARAH: the woman who loved Langenhoven when the publishers revealed their choice before publication in April this year.

The overlapping handwritten letters in Afrikaans seen in background of the faces of a young Sarah and the man she was devoted to, CJ Langenhoven were all part of my research for the book.

I haven’t blogged much about this book lately (or anything for that matter) but the last few months have been some of most exciting of my life and I want to share some of it with you soon.

If you are not yet a member of this busy FB site but would love to know more about who’s reading which books and decide for yourself based on the extensive variety of book reviews, consider joining immediately! You will find it richly rewarding.

And then of course, watch out for the READERS’ CHOICE OF BOOK COVERS and cast your vote.

More to come on the latest reviews.


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