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BOOK RELEASE! My new book: Searching for Sarah, the woman who loved Langenhoven.

It’s been a crazy time for me. in the last few weeks. I wish I could write more about it all, and I will as I have a thousand little anecdotes floating around in my head- but here’s a little snippet of news for my blog.

My new book, Searching for Sarah: The Woman who loved Langenhoven, is out in the world. It has an Afrikaans twin too which is extraordinarily lucky for me as I always wanted twins.

I really do plan to write about this book, to add some more to it and explain it’s significance in South Africa, perhaps in the world. It feels as though a new door has opened for me.

Please pop onto my FB page to find out what it’s all about ( until I get the chance to upload some links here!) ( New skill required here, people)

I have had the privilege of an Afrikaans launch with Jan Jan Joubert, a well respected journalist, political commentator and author, a short interview on Kyknet, and an English launch on Monday night with the talent and skill of former TV presenter, author and women’s rights activist, the altogether marvelous Tracy Going. Please pop onto my Facebook page ( Dominique Malherbe) for the links.

Later today I have been invited into an actual TV studio with Minki van der Westhuizen, model, TV presenter ( Boer soek ‘n vrou ) so I’m a little stressed about that. Oh my word, what to wear, how to act, and will I be able to mutter a little in her mother tongue (but not mine!) I’m a little stressed.

But at the moment I’ve also found a new home for a time which is equally exciting. I’m part of Wits School of Law in the Writing Centre which seems like the perfect place for me right now. A combination of my love of law and my love of writing. And who knows where this will take me but I can tell you, I have dreams my readers. And more books to write. ( And a lecture in an hour’s time!)

Until I catch you here again, please pop onto the various links if you want to hear more about my latest book. It’s about a woman who fell in love with a language, and fell in love with a man. It’s about the story of our South African forefathers, East European Jewish immigrants and the Afrikaners. It’s a story of antisemitism and prejudice. It’s a story of the woman behind the man: the contributions of women in the world. Women who deserve their place in history. And it’s also the story of a mother. My favorite topic of all.

A fascinating slice of literary history which shines a light on a remarkable woman…Karina M. Szcurek

‘Til soon!


The launch invite on Monday 3rd two days ago.

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