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Lockdown Diaries: What I … blog about

Friday 24th April

Morning my fellow South Africans and my fellow World!

Well, by now you would have seen a picture of our President with a face mask covering his eyes with all kinds of ‘funnies’ attached and then an appeal to please not do this. He’s so tired, our hero, our leader. Our shining light. Can you imagine the pressure and fatigue and relentlessness he has to bear? Now that is one flipping job I would NOT want to have. Ever. I mean , I am feeling a little weary here in front of my laptop, thinking of facing another Lockdown Day. Can you just imagine him waking up today and how exhausting it must be?

But I know one thing for sure: we’re all a little more ‘in love’ with you Cyril, our President.  Well I know that for myself. I felt a real sense of endearment and protectiveness over you, for your role in trying to protect us. That little faux pas, that little fumble with your face mask shows us just how similar  and how connected we all are. As if we didn’t know that hey?

And so maybe today, we should all be a little more gentle with each other huh? What do you think? With all our frustrations and anxieties and expectations and disappointments and that little light of hope, hopping around in the background somewhere, I’m gonna try too.  (Thank heavens my children don’t read this blog! They’ll think I’ve gone flipping nuts! Probably will soon if I have to feed them all another bloody meal from my own kitchen and trip over the laundry basket now covered in dog hair. )

But I hope you still read this silly damn blog. I keep thinking I’m gonna stop but I almost can’t stop myself. Like Cyril last night, thinking he must show us how to wear a face mask, I blog to let you know how I feel.

Bless you darling President. For all your foibles and failings and tiredness. I think you’re a mensch!

With love to you all from a cool Cape Town.

PS At least someone reads my blog. She thought it worthy enough to ask me some questions about what I do. And she’s at least got a good readership! Thanks Kathryn for a (second!) guest appearance on your fabulous BECOMING YOU blog. I think we’re all always BECOMING.

Here’s the link:







1 thought on “Lockdown Diaries: What I … blog about”

  1. Thank heavens for some positivity. The relentless negativity frustrates me and makes me want to ask WHY!? Why bitch n whine. Rather just say nothing and get on with your (fatass privileged – USUALLY) life. Thank you

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