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Lockdown Diaries Number Something

Wednesday 22 April 2020 Day Something, don’t care.
As I sit here this morning, far later than usual and little tired, but with a new and exciting agenda, I have only one thing to say. I really wasn’t going to write today but it’s become a compulsion here for me this spilling onto the page of my blog. It’s as if I’m practising for a worldwide music concert, my hand moving over the keys like a piano. It’s my warm up for the day maybe. (Actually! I’ve just had another thought. I’m going to play the piano today – if I still can. Haven’t sat on that piano stool in years! Probably won’t play very well.) Who cares?
But what I wanted to say today was this:
Imagine if you never knew that someone loved you?
And I’m not talking about the obvious ones like those you surround yourself on a daily basis, your close family and friends, but other people like those you haven’t seen in a while but who, over your lifetime, have meant something to you.
Last week as I was looking through my blog posts, I was amazed/intrigued to see that one or two people had responded to my blog but I never saw it at the time and when I came across it, I was enveloped by this warm feeling of love. Of admiration, of being someone who had made a teeny little difference in someone’s life and thought I was quite witty!
I tell you something. There is NOTHING in the world that is as self-satisfying as someone telling you that you have WORTH!
Now. Imagine if you DIED for God’s sake. I mean, it’s a distinct possibility now with Covid and all and you never told someone how much they meant to you?
That would be the saddest thing in the whole world.
My thought for you today?
GO LOVE people!
Think of someone that touched your heart in some way. Like a friend you haven’t seen in ages that did something special for you once, or an old work colleague you miss and you valued, gave you a sense of worth. A relative you haven’t spoken to in a while. And don’t just send one of those damn chain letter hug things that you must send on to another ten people and ONLY if you send back to them, then it works. NO! Who thought of that? I hate getting those stupid things. Please don’t send those to me, as wonderful as your intention is. (Sorry, with all due respect and no offence meant for those I’ve received) Or chain letters in general, actually. I break them religiously. You cannot go about telling someone to love you back! That’s conditional love and it’s not genuine.
What I mean is a real, genuine, self less feeling of love towards someone.  And not just an emoji, ok? That’s too easy. GO tell someone that you haven’t chatted to in AGES, that you LOVE them. Or that you USED to maybe love them and then they broke your heart or became an asshole or something. No that wouldn’t be funny! Seriously? Don’t all now get the wrong bloody message and try to connect with a bloody ex! That would be disastrous, can you imagine that?
No, I didn’t mean that. I’m being flippant here now and didn’t mean that at all.
But I’m sure that you and I both know people who you feel a deep sense of connection with who are struggling, or in enormous pain and there’s very little that can be done for them for they are indeed dying. Not only from this virus.
I do.
Send them a message. Tell them that they are loved. That’s all. And don’t ask for anything in return.
Have a love-ly day, my Noodles.


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