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Are we ready to imagine another world?

My title, you may note, is inspired by the snippet I shared in yesterday’s blog.  The end of Arundhati Roy’s weekend article in the Financial Times.

It’s day 12 of 21. The number in reverse.

Can anyone really foresee what’s going to happen?

No, of course not. But it feels a little like the humanitarian crisis is starting to roll, like the soft rumblings of an avalanche starting its descent. Even the weather is starting to turn. Now, as I sit inside, having left my ‘meditation’ chair on the deck outside, comforted by the flight of the Egyptian geese on their way to the branch of the pine tree while journaling , the sky has turned greyer and the ground is wet already. The view? Gone.
(Flip, my wet washing is still lying in the laundry basket. Only managed one load in the dryer. Think the element has packed up ‘cos it wasn’t hot. Is this an essential service? No-one but me seemed too concerned about having nice clean linen on a Monday morning. But beds are at least made, rooms are ‘tidy’ and kitchen roster seems to be working with minimal shouting. No. Intermittent shouting.)
With a change in weather, routines are slipping. No, not slipping but maybe changing. No run, no swim but a different exercise. CLEANING. Sweeping, mopping, wiping bathrooms, toilets, basins. Carrying laundry. And that was just for two. There are six of us here. Not everyone prioritises the same way. ‘We’re trying to teach ourselves, Mum!’ was the reply when I suggested that everyone possibly set up their own cleaning routine.
True. That’s a point. The children are trying to teach themselves. That’s a shame. I am of little help here when it comes to physics and accounts. That, they must figure out on their own or with a little help from their friends. ‘Oh, we’ll get by with a little help from my friends…, I’m gonna try with a little help from my friends…”
Gee, I’m sad about this. The teenagers and the young twenties, with their lives curtailed and confined to their families when this is the time to be exploring their freedoms. To be out there with their mates, flaunting their firm bodies and making plans to meet. What a bloody shame. #Grateful that I can have them all with me. To know exactly what they’re eating, feeling, thinking. Are they taking their vitamins?
‘Hey, who the hell is using so many teabags! ‘I shout. ‘Why can I use a tea bag twice and you just gooi yours away!’
Mum ‘waves’ her tea bag at the water. Her water hardly changes colour. It’s not what you can even call black, Oh mum. Alone. So far away.

Cape Town Together is happening, people. CAN initiatives are crossing the social divide. Community Action Networks. Communities are partnering, pairing with each other to bring relief in forms of cans, food, shoes, clothing, donations for electricity, essential items, toys, comfort for those that have no tea bags. NOT A SINGLE ONE.
I’m trying to imagine a new world. And walk through with less luggage.

For now, my words are free.

Get involved, if you CAN. Make masks,  donate food, clothes, toys, cash.

Keep safe.
Keep sane.
Keep connecting.


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