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a week to new book launch

Here‘s a teeny peek of what to expect: some of the books that inspired the thoughts I had to write and the some of the thoughts I wrote.

On mothers:

… It was the image of a woman that she represented to me: a woman so passionate about her task; a woman so energised and alive with the need of accomplishment; but more than all that was the woman who stood before us with an unborn child protruding from her swollen belly, a child who would need her to nurse and nurture and mother as only a mother can.

On women in law:

… on the whole, reasons for choosing a career in law can be distinctly drawn on gender lines, in terms of which males chose law for primarily anticipated financial success, or have been inspired to believe this due to a family member running a successful practice, whereas women often cite social justice and or helping family members as primary reasons.

On getting to equal:

It’s about quantifying the untapped, unquantifiable, unaccounted value which they are contributing, and which society fails to consider in trying to understand and achieve gender equality.

On getting books out into the world:

I began to understand that sometimes making yourself a tiny
bit vulnerable and uncomfortable in what I believe is a ‘charade’
of life, is often that strength that shoves you along on your next

On fear and humiliation:
… suddenly felt self-conscious and unworthy: embarrassed even in having decided to foist my words, my thoughts on unsuspecting friends who may not necessarily be interested in my life or angst or want to be any part of it.

On loving fathers:
…it is quite possible that fathers are equally competent as being the best parent with whom the child will reside.
But as it stands, these cases are still the exception

I’m excited. Ok, I’m slightly nervous.

But do you know what I really think?


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