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Our last stop on a recent road trip up to Bloemfontein to the Drakensberg and back via Golden Gate and Gariep Dam was a night at Cape Karoo Guest House.

I’d seen the house on the website obviously and it looked quite cute but I had no huge expectations of a cottage in the town of Beaufort West. On the way up from Cape Town we had stayed at a wonderful guest farm, Ko –Ka Tsara Bush Camp in a stunning little thatched chalet which I knew was lovely because it was owned by a friend we knew. I thought that was going to be the best of Beaufort.
It couldn’t get better.

But we discovered another little gem of a place and I want to tell you about it because I told Lizelle the owner I would and ‘cos I want to! It was simple stunning.

The original Sir Herbert Baker house is situated just to the right off the N1 if you’re travelling south towards Cape Town. As you take the turn off, the road winds to the right and as you follow it around, you are on the edge of the town, with just the veld and sparse vegetation between you and the mountains in the distance and the little town on your left.

We rang the gate bell and upon pulling into the driveway were greeted almost immediately by Lizelle who came towards us with a welcoming hullo and warm smile. It was a beautifully sunny Sunday, and she and her husband were just enjoying a braai and a glass of wine on the lovely entrance to their home after what had been a busy July holiday.

We unpacked quickly and settled into our three different bedrooms after a little tour of the various rooms, each of which is decorated in various combinations of shabby chic, before turning on the TV immediately to watch Kevin Anderson, our South African tennis champion in the Wimbledon final. Sadly, the match was over rather quickly for him but it gave us a little breather to watch the fading sun , before indulging in some delicious Karoo Lamb dishes at the Four Sheep Restaurant down the road at the Caltex Garage, also I believe run and managed by Lizelle and her hubby.

The rest of this lovely story is best told in the pics.

And all the little details.

And the fading light from the balcony

Breakfast was a scrumptious affair in the white, light kitchen warmed by a closed fireplace in the corner.

Don’t miss this one on your drive into through the Karoo!

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