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what was YOUR trip of a lifetime?

Look who I found strolling around Dubrovnik- our host, Dave Koz!
The road to Manarola
Long time fan of Jeffery Osbourne. Gorgeous man.
Local at Monterosso. Couldn’t resist the captivating smile.
Our incredible ship
Example of what’s on for the day. Exhausting! And incredible !

Tell me about your trip of a life time!

It’s partly the anticipation of travel that makes it all so exciting – not so? The images you

create, the foreign sights and tastes you foresee? Once you’ve arrived is almost passive in

its enjoyment as you swiftly appreciate that you are one of a throng of thousands of

tourists all snapping away at the same astonishing

architecture, dodging other people’s selfie sticks, stroking the shirts,

bags, magnets and touristy trinkets which colour the marble-paved squares.

So it helps to do a reality check when you’re there too.  Just to be really present in your

new surroundings because before you know, you’re back again.

But travel is essential for it provides perspective on how you live your life, the value of

your relationships, the familiarity and comfort  of home and the one thing that puts it all

into context: the realization that even if you had the time and resources to travel to all

the countries in the world on your bucket list, it would all be meaningless if you didn’t

have the anticipation of being reunited with your children again.

Which is exactly why when you DO travel, it’s the most exciting thing on the planet! And

when you combine that with non-stop jazz, well,  it’s simply extraordinary!

So, with that bit of reflection done, allow me to share with you a once in a lifetime trip

my hubby and I just returned from.

And for once, I will do away with any more wordy trivia,

because it cannot do it any more justice.

ONE TIP: BEFORE you scroll through the pics,  familiarize yourself with just a few of

the jazz legends (65 artists in total!) who accompanied us on the DAVE

KOZ and FRIENDS at SEA Cruise 2017, Venice and BEYOND.

Dave Koz  – the most entertaining, energetic, warm, affable man I have yet to meet (Try

the track ‘‘Together Again” which was the one I played over and over

and then googled. The CD that made me book the trip, way back in September 2015),

Rick Braun, Richard Elliot,

Jonathan Butler, Gerald Albright,

Peter White, Vincent Ingala ( the new young hottie from Connecticut)

Jeffery Osbourne,

Sheila E, Valerie Simpson and the list goes on….

and you will get a glimpse, perhaps, of the extent of my 7 day euphoria as we sailed

down the Adriatic Coast, and then cooled off on the cliffs of  the Cinque Terre for a few

days more.

The pics are not in order. It doesn’t matter.

ENJOY and SHARE with me your OWN story!

Exploring the Doges Palace, this room supposedly the largest hall in Europe
A glimpse from our breakfast dining room
Leaving Venice
On the edge of the old city – Dubrovnik, Croatia
Spring flowers along the 1300 step climb up to fortress, Kotor, Montenegro.


Beautiful white and blue of Oia, Santorini
Leaving  Monterosso by ferry to Riomaggiore. Crowded!
Arriving Riomaggiore.
Sunset over Riomaggiore
Two of the best – Rick Braun and Michael Lington.
An essential Aperol Spritzer overlooking the Grand Canal
Bridge of Sighs- the sounds of prisoners as they were led to the cells
Sculptor’s contribution to awareness of climate change and rise in ocean levels.
St Marks Square
And Jonathan Butler!

2 thoughts on “what was YOUR trip of a lifetime?”

  1. My greatest adventure is when I went to Australia during 7 months… And now it’s time to go to NZ for a year !! 🙂

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