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Meet Niki Malherbe

Super to have appeared on this wonderful blog on women authors. Thanks so much to Nicole Melanson!

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Interview by Nicole Melanson ~

Interview with writer Niki Malherbe by Nicole Melanson

Niki Malherbe is a law lecturer, researcher and writer in Cape Town. She released her debut work of non-fiction, From Courtrooms to Cupcakes, in April 2014, which narrates her humorous journey of enlightenment from lawyer to mother of four children. Having worked in the corporate world of tax, investment banking and law as a tax attorney and later qualifying as a conveyancer, she has been lecturing law part-time for the last ten years, in order to spend more time with her four children. She writes non-fiction in her spare time.

Niki Malherbe’s website

Niki’s blog

Twitter: @nikimalherbe

Facebook: /nikimalherbe

Writer Niki Malherbe Book Cover - From Courtrooms to Cupcakes From Courtrooms to Cupcakes by Niki Malherbe

From Courtrooms to Cupcakes is available online from:




As a young girl, I was fairly meticulous about keeping a daily journal. Though much of my professional work involved writing of a sort…

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