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Meg Faure’s Parenting Workshop : 25 February 2015

I planned a short blog on this fab workshop I did with Meg Faure recently but never got round to it so I have tried ( with my limited blogging, imaging skills) to tag along on her blog below!

It was quite strange being in a room full of babies and I could feel the emotion welling up as I tried to explain to lovely group of (younger than me mums that I faced) that, though they are probably feeling sleep deprived, frustrated, confused and lacking in self- identity, they must not lose sight of the fact that motherhood is an honour and a privilege.

I hope that I added some insights from my own experience of motherhood and that the five points I ended off with (repeated below in MEG’s BLOG) will help you make sense of this wonderful journey of motherhood.

Thanks so much to Meg  and Michelle for including me in a super morning.

Parent With Sense

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Last Friday we had the most wonderful workshop at Wellness Warehouse in Kloof Street. It was such a welcome departure from the 250 huge seminars I have run in the past. In this small group, we could answer questions as we went along and it certainly felt more intimate and useful for moms.

I spoke on Sleep Sense – just the basic ‘5 steps needed to ensure good Sleep habits from babies and toddlers’.

Next we had a wonderful talk on ‘Embracing the Change motherhood brings’, by lawyer, mom and author Dominique Malherbe (From Courtrooms to Cupcakes). Her 5 take home tips really resonated for our dynamic group of moms:

  • Let go of your own agenda- for now.
  • Be more mindful where you are right now.
  • Don’t miss the moment.
  • Take heart that this period will pass though the next stage may not be easier.
  • Be open to other opportunities- you never know where the new “you” will take you.

Kath Megaw of Nutripaeds blew us all away with a new take on solids introduction, preventing allergies and Sense-able Feeding of babies.

Many thanks must go to Abigail Rutherfoord of Top Tots Gardens who gave us a wonderful hamper to give away – I erroneously said it was from Wellness Warehouse and must apologize to Abigail for that.

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