From Courtrooms To Cupcakes, Other Stuff

Did you catch my interview on Morning Live?


Scroll down the playlist to Niki Malherbe on her book

Lawyer and author Niki Malherbe says her memoir gives a real life account of a high-powered legal mind who has had to deal with her life changing.

The book titled From court rooms to cupcakes is an inspirational story that shares insights on working moms as they navigate motherhood, life and everything else.

Speaking on Morning Live she says the book has two themes: that of a light-hearted side filled with humour and also deals with deep seated issues and how she navigated these.

As a professional and a mother of four she says she had to find balance and have flexibility on how to handle both roles. She says challenging as it is, it is possible to have more than one role.

Malherbe says she wrote the book to show what women go through when they start families while being a working mom.

“Women who want to have a career and be moms will strongly identify with this book, it has a common theme, that of motherhood.”

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