From Courtrooms To Cupcakes

a gem of paper and words – The Book Lounge

As you know, I recently launched my book From Courtrooms To Cupcakes at the most quintessential of book stores, The Book Lounge, in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town. Nestled amongst other historical buildings on Roeland Street, The Book Lounge is the kind of independently-run book store you’d dream of owning. Complete with the ideal squishy sofa and shelves upon shelves of books (that now includes mine!) where you could while away a quiet afternoon of page turning, The Book Lounge was created by book-lovers for book-lovers.

So I thought, for those of you outside the Mother City or for those who haven’t yet visited this little gem of paper and words, I’d take you on a quick tour of this unique book store on the fringes of the inner city.





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